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A Personal Approach

You are unique and your approach to food should reflect that.

We are fed an endless amount of information about diet culture, and self-image. Very often these ideas are linked. Thin means healthy and many of us go on a lifetime search for "perfection" in food only to obsess about every morsel and fall deeper into a pit of self-deprecating behaviour.  

Well, perfection doesn't exist and an all-or-nothing approach to nutrition is a recipe for failure. 

At Eat Well Move Free, we believe in a gentler, more sustainable approach to food. We want you to be less focused on what you eat and enjoy the things that matter.

While a Holistic Nutritional Consultant does not diagnose or treat specific health concerns, we can support your diet and health while working in tandem with your healthcare professional.

Holistic nutrition encompasses all that you are and can help with disordered eating, digestion, liver function, weight loss, skincare, gut health, constipation, bloating, elevated blood sugar levels, food sensitivities and so much more.

We guide you to find your “middle way” or your definition of balance because it's different for everyone.

Ultimately you hold the key to your well-being.

We offer:

The Reset Program - Group Coaching

The Spark Program - 1:1 Intro to Holistic Health

The Embody Program - 1:1 Elite Nutrition Coaching